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Using QR Codes To Promote Your Website

Using QR Codes To Promote Your Website

Using QR Codes To Promote Your Website:

QR codes are a great way to promote your website. If you haven’t noticed recently, they are everywhere! Next time you are flipping through a magazine, taking a drink out of a water or soda bottle, or in the mall looking at a product that you may want to potentially buy, take a close look and see if there is a QR code on or near the product. Now the question, what exactly is a QR code? A QR code is a matrix barcode that can be scanned and read by QR scanners. The most popular form of QR scanners is the QR code app on smart phones (iPod, Blackberry, Android, etc.)

QR codes are used to promote everything. People promote businesses, places, websites, products, blogs, even resumes for those who are desperate to find a job. The reason why these are so effective is because they are easy to make and you can literally put them anywhere. If someone sees it and has a smart phone, they can scan the code and it will take them to where the link was set.

This is why QR codes are such a great tool in trying to promote your website. It takes a few minutes to make one and you can link it to your website. You can even link it to a specific page on your website. After establishing your QR code you can put it literally anywhere. If you have a place of business where customers are always in and out, put them all over the store or at the front desk. You could even put them on your receipts. Put them on flyers, on emails, and any other place you can think of.

QR codes are a great effective way of promoting your website. You can’t forget the curious factor that many people would have when they see a QR code, more times than not, they will scan it just to see what it is. If you haven’t started using QR codes, do some research and start, you can’t go wrong using these to promote your website, business, or anything!

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