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Want more email addresses?

Want more email addresses?

Email Address Builder

Email marketing is a great way to stay on the minds of your customers. By getting more email addresses, you can keep your community informed about what is happening in the store at next to no cost. Here is a creative way to build your email contacts list.

The point of purchase is your best chance to collect customer emails. You know they use your store and you are already in the process of exchanging information. By giving away tote bags at the cash register in exchange for an email address you accomplish a number of valuable tasks.

  1. The customer feels like they got something for free, which always makes them feel better about their shopping experience. Not to mention it makes carrying their purchase to the car a little bit easier.
  2. Your store becomes more eco-friendly by using recycled and reusable bags; consumers are assigning more and more importance to this trait when they choose where to shop.
  3. If you brand the bag, it becomes a well-placed advertisement right in the home of your potential repeat customer. You can encourage them to keep the bag by offering a discount every time they bring it to the store.
  4. And, of course, the tote bag giveaway has given you the ability to contact this customer via email, opening up an avenue for constant communication and direct marketing.

The tote bag giveaway is an inexpensive way to advertise your store and strengthen your communication with customers. Be creative and have fun with the possibilities!

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