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What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is something we have been talking about more and more – and as it turns out, there is some confusion about exactly what a landing page is.

So we decided to get together some information for everyone to use as a resource, because landing pages are incredibly valuable for you and your business.

It may be easy to think of a landing page as just any other page on your website. But we definitely want to clear up that confusion because a landing page and a web page exist for two very different reasons. While a web page serves to provide information about your business, a landing page works to highlight information on one very specific topic and capture a visitor’s information. That’s it. To make it even simpler, if it doesn’t have a form on it, it’s not a landing page.

While there may be forms on various pages of your website, for example, maybe the homepage, that does not make your homepage a landing page. Your homepage exists to perform several functions for your website, such as directing traffic to other pages of your site, highlighting testimonials, location information, etc. These are all great things to have one a homepage, but a form alone would not make your homepage a landing page.

Again, a landing page highlights one idea and collects visitor information, that’s it.

Here are some examples of a landing page:


You’ll notice these pages are brief. A landing page should not overwhelm and should not have distractions on it that can take away from the main goal: to capture a visitor’s information.

The purpose of a landing page is simple, to begin the conversion process for sales. A visitor will give you their contact information for something in return – a quote, more information about a service, a phone call about a special offer, sign up for your email list, etc.



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