Mick Danahy
August 2, 2011

Analytic Advice

For most businesses, determining the effectiveness of advertising is difficult. Geo-Targeting (targeting a marketing or advertising campaign at a limited set of visitors based on their physical location) is a practice that we all struggle with. Where should I send my print? What radio stations should play my ad? Which T.V. stations are worth my budget? Now that you have a website that works; we can help!

With 2 simple steps, you can use your NMR Analytics Report to unlock new insight into the effectiveness of your complete advertising effort. Here’s how:

Step 1
Include your website address in all advertising efforts. For example, if you are printing an ad in your local newspaper, include: “find our special offers @” somewhere on the ad. If you are taping a radio spot, include: “go to to learn more” at the end of the spot.

Step 2
When you’re planning your advertising campaigns, use the visitor section of your monthly analytics report to effectively target your ads. If you are looking for more traffic from a certain city or town, target your budget in that area. Watch your analytic report in the coming months to see if you were able to grow your number of visits from that area.


Tracking Page Views

July 11, 2011

Analytic Advice

When reviewing your analytics report, focus on what pages your visitors are spending the most time on and which pages are viewed the most on your site. Keep those pages as updated and exciting as possible! Give them a reason to keep coming back each and every month!

Esignature Icons

July 11, 2011

Social Media Marketing

Opportunities to gain exposure for your social media sites are all around you! Use the easiest one available to you, your e-mail signature!

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Customer Appreciation

July 11, 2011

Event Planning

Potential and existing customers alike always want to be recognized! A customer appreciation BBQ is a great way to say thank you while getting them back into your store.  Invite vendors, have a few discounts, then push the event on the web, via e-mail, in-store, on the radio and in print!

Esignature Tips

July 11, 2011

Website Promoter

Promoting your website is key to increasing your ROI! A simple way to promote it is to put your company logo in the signature of your e-mail with a hyperlink to your website!

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Simple as Snickers

July 11, 2011

Email Address Builder

The easiest way to a customer’s email address is by offering them something in return. Make your giveaways thoughtful, and never offer them something obvious (like 10% off, or $5 off). They will always respond more positively to something you’ve clearly been creative with. One campaign worth trying in your business is called “Simple as a Snickers”.

  1. Go to your local warehouse shopping club and buy a few bulk boxes of Snickers bars.
  2. Visit your local home center or restaurant equipment store and purchase a display case to set next to your cash register (preferably one with shelves).
  3. Fill the display with the candy bars.
  4. Put a sign next to the display case letting customers know that they get a free candy bar for signing up.
  5. Put a ballot box or fishbowl next to the candy bars as well with some slips for your customers to write their email addresses on.

Better Success Tip: Make sure you and your sales teams are talking to customers on the sales floor about your candy bar giveaway. Don’t wait until they get to the cash register to remind them!!

Unified Marketing

July 11, 2011

In Store Support

If you are doing any print, radio or television advertising this month make sure to add your full website address and “follow us on facebook and twitter” at the bottom or end of the advertisement.

Add this: Find us on the web @

Not this:

Add this: An approved Facebook logo

Not this: The word “Facebook”

Add this: An approved Twitter logo

Not this: The word “Twitter”

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